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Why We Built BuildBasis


By Donnie Propst / on May 06, 2020

The DevOps Story

Let’s talk about continuous integration and delivery.

Automated pipelines save time right? You build a pipeline once and your code is tested on every push. Another pipeline is added for integration tests, another pipeline handles pushing artifacts to customers, then you have that one pipeline that pushes artifacts to your on-premise users. Pipelines continue to grow, and with it, the amount of work that is automated. Your project’s world is fully automated with zero human intervention.

But then there is a snag. Innocent enough at first. A test failed on your release branch.

Odd you might think, so you re-run. Test passed? Great. Ship it.

Fast-forward 6 months. Sleep statements in your tests. Known bad test seeds. “Oh that was just a timing bug with the mock database connection”.

The list of reasons the pipeline is failing grows ever longer, and with the ever growing failures, reliability rates of the project sink.

The Postmortem

Low pipeline reliability is a sharp double-edged sword, neither side friendly.

The first immediate and very apparent side of low pipeline reliability, is pipeline cost.

Let’s say you have pipelines that pass on the development or release branch, on average 60% of the time. 40% of your CI/CD costs are going to pay for failures.

The invisible and arguably even more expensive cost is in engineer time. If you employ 100 engineers, each using 30 minutes a day re-running pipelines, that’s 50 working hours a day wasted clicking a button and wishing for an alignment of the bits.

12,000 hours a year, roughly the same as employing 6 full time employees.

Between the CI and engineer costs even the slightest increase in reliability rates would offer measurable gain.

Becoming Reliable

One of the largest issues with reliability metrics, is not every platform offers a way to see reliability rates.

This makes defining benchmarks, at the minimum, difficult. If your organization uses multiple CI platforms, the problem becomes near impossible.

BuildBasis aims to solve this lack of visibility. We offer integrations with 5 major CI providers - Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, CircleCI, TravisCI, and GitLab. Alongside these first class integrations, we also support custom platforms via a simple HTTP request.

We want to help every organization build a basis in quality.

Try it out today by signing up for a free account.

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Let’s shift quality left.

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Donnie is a software engineer by trade. His time is spent enjoying the great outdoors, the company of his cat, Moby, and lastly, helping organizations solve real problems.



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