Invisible pipeline failures are tanking your engineering team's efficiency

BuildBasis tracks every build across every CI platform, showing you failure rates and the data you need to take action.

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Pipeline failures are siloed in CI platforms which makes tracking impossible

This is a problem because

Low Pipeline

You can’t rely on pipelines when failed tests are often fixed by a simple re-run. Without tracking, you could be shipping features based on unreliable tests.

Why compromise quality?

Wasted CI/CD Platform Costs

You could be overspending on CI platforms due to inconsistent tests. If, on average, 60% of pipelines pass, then 40% of your costs are paying for failed pipelines.

Why pay more?

Reduced Engineering Efficiency

Workflow interruptions and time spent on re-running pipelines could be killing your team’s efficiency. If unchecked, failed tests could tank team output.

Why operate with reduced efficiency?

There is a better way

Break The Silos.

BuildBasis aggregates pipeline data across CI platforms to help you


Track Every Build Across Every Platform

BuildBasis tracks each pipeline execution across all CI platforms to give you a bird’s eye view of failure rates so you can take action.

Save money by putting an end to wasted compute resources

See how many builds succeed, stop, and fail over time. Use insights from BuildBasis to assess and reduce wasted CI platform costs.


Become more efficient by reducing interruptions

Track the number of interruptions your engineers face due to failed tests. And use those insights as a driver to tackle the root of the problem.

How It Works

Step 1

Setup projects with BuildBasis, no matter what CI platforms you use

Step 2

Track pipeline failures across all your CI platforms

Step 3

Take action to improve reliability and efficiency

Start Enabling

Engineering teams that use BuildBasis can stop sweating the small stuff and start leveling up

Happier Engineers

Engineers are happy solving big problems for long stretches of time. BuildBasis saves them from badly timed, surprise interruptions.

Trust In Your Pipelines

When your pipeline fails, how do you know if it’s worth your time?
With BuildBasis, a fail is a fail. Even if it’s Friday afternoon.

Higher Quality Releases

High quality products start with high quality devops. Keep bugs and support tickets down with reliable pipelines, not fast reaction times.


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